This site is dedicated to all things police. In recent years online trading of police collectibles has been on a sharp decline. The purpose of this site is to maintain one central online location where collectors of police memorabilia can go to network with each other, trade items, learn about and publicize their trade shows, and overall ensure the hobby of police collecting stays alive and well. Basically this site is intended to be the online police collecting headquarters! The main features of this site are the “Trader Listing” and the “Upcoming Shows”. Above you will find links to the other sections of this site. Below will be an explanation of each section of the site and details on how your profile works. I hope you will find this site useful and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact me by clicking here. As this site progresses and becomes more popular you will notice more features being added. Please check back regularly.


We regularly purge this site for spam accounts in order to keep this site clean and safe for your use. when you register if you fail to fill in information on your profile you run the risk of having your account deleted and it can not be recovered. Please take the time when registering to fill out your profile. Adding pictures and filling in what you collect and what you have for trade will assist us in knowing your profile is a real profile. -Site Admin

This site is designed to contain an internal messaging system to prevent personal e-mail adresses being used and getting filled with spam. In order to utilize this site to it’s fullest potential and start trading online then you must register. Once you register please REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Once you register you will have full access to the site and it’s messaging features. All you will then need to do is pick somene on here and message them to initiate a trade. You will have your own profile that you can control and put as much or as little info as you’d like into it. It contains a “friends” category that will allow you to add friends of people you know personally or trade with frequently. There is a map in which you can put in your location and map where you are in the world. You profile also contains a photo album which allows you to put any kind of pictures you’d like. You have an avatar (profile picture) where you can put a picture of yourself or something else. 

-The About Collecting tab provides a very basic overview of police collecting. This will be most useful for new collectors.

-The Upcoming Shows tab will feature a listing of shows throughout the United States and even internationally if provided to advertise.

-The Trader Listing tab is a comprehensive listing of collectors from all over the world. Currently the goal is to get a collector listed in every state. This is where you will go to initiate trades with people by seeing their listing then clicking on their profile.

-The Members tab is a complete listing of all the members registered on the site. There is a drop down menu which allows you to select how you want to organize the list.